Wellness Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic science works by increasing body’s defense mechanism and immunity and prevent diseases. It aims to help us lead a life where mind, body and spirit stay in a state of balance. Ayurveda believes disease is caused when life balance is disturbed. Ayurveda helps in restoration of balance. This holistic science does not work on the symptoms of a disease but treats the root causes. There are many herbs with medicinal properties which can be used to treat, calm, and improve health without side effects.

AyurvedaAyurveda offers a range of traditional therapies to balance the body principles and to integrate body mind and spirit. These therapies can be used both to cure as well as to improve general health. Type of medications used in can be oil, herbal powder or a paste. The pattern and pressure strokes employed differs while giving massage.

In Rejuvenating massages, oils selected are with nourishing, toning and beautifying with antioxidant properties .The massage strokes will be steady and gentle to give enough time for skin absorption. In therapeutic powder massage, purpose is to cleanse and burn out the Adipose fat and the strokes are hard and pressure is high to generate heat.

Under the supervision of experienced Ayurveda doctors, herbal methods are used to treat many medical conditions .wellness treatments are used to improve health, prevent diseases and used as a feel well Therapy . Ayurveda plays an important role in cosmetic therapy with no side effects.


Whole body massage with medicated herbal oil depending on the medical condition of the patient. The oil is prepared by mixing herbs with organic carrier oil .warm oils are used for better skin absorption. These herbal oils removes the toxins and nourish skin. Different quality oils are used depending on the medical condition. Organic sesame oil ,olive oil, bitter and sweet almond oil, rose hip oil, coconut oil are generally mixed with herbs for the massage.. It takes 45 to 60 minutes for the procedure. Abhyanga has deep healing effects. It rejuvenates the whole body. It improves blood circulation, remove cellulite, induce sound sleep, and delay ageing. Abhyanga refreshes the body and mind. It gives best relief for body aches and pains like backache, joint pain.

You are advised to drink plenty of water and take rest after the procedure.

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Padabhyanga (Foot massage)

PADA or Foot is an important part of the body. It carries our whole weight all day. Conditions like arthritis, and circulatory disorders show their initial symptoms in foot. Padabhyanga rejuvenates and fortifies the health.

ThereThere are many therapies and medicines oriented towards foot care in Ayurveda. Padabhyanga is the mother of all therapies.

Padabhyanga is a holistic therapy and a religious approach towards an effective psychosomatic healing. It is a process of massaging the foot with warm ayurvedic medicated oils. massage is done with moderate pressure. The process is for 40 minutes depending on the medical condition. It gives muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and reduces oedema. Deep foot massage with essential oil gives stress relief and good sleep .Base oils used are sesame oil, grapefruit oil, almond and olive oil mixed with herbs. Essential oil used are rosemary oil, lavender oil and lemon oil.

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Shirodhara ( Head Massage)

Shirodhara is a purifying and Rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieves stress. Shiro * means HEAD and dhara* means flow.

This treatment has immense impact on nervous system.It immediately acts to calm and relax your mind and has a cleansing effect on nerves. Shirodhara helps to reduce stress and sooth the nervous system Shirodhara is a unique form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring warm medicated oils,milk, or butter milk over the fore head for a period of 30 to 35 minutes continuously. Shirodhara is finished with a light head massage. Quality of herbal oil depends on the medical condition.

It is used to treat many medical conditions like sinusitis, migraine, grey hair, stroke, neurological problems, memory loss and sleep problems. It is used for relaxation also with essential oils .It is used as a relaxing therapy also.

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Kizhi Ayurveda treatment is a complete healing therapy that purifies and rejuvenates the body. Specially formulated medicated oils are applied to the body using pouches *packed with herbs. It is more beneficial in musculoskeletal disorders and neurovascular conditions. Based on diagnosis and ailments there are many different types of kizhi.

  • Navarakizhi: A special medicinal rice called navara is used in kizhi massage. Navarra riceis cooked in milk and tied ina pouch and dipped in warm medicated oil and applied for massage.
  • Elakizhi: this treatment uses medicinal plant leaves and roots. Bundles are made with leaves and powders and dipped in medicated oil before applying massage. The ingradients penetrates deep in to the body giving therapeutic effect. it rejuvenates and relieves pain.
  • Podikizhi: Medicinal herbs are dried and powdered to use in pouches for massage. it is mainly used in arthritis cure and sports injuries.
  • Narangakizhi: Main ingradient in this kizhi is lime which is cut and fried in medicated oil. It is mainly used to relieve pain and us a cosmetic procedure to increase skin glow.It removes impurities of skin and lightens the skin.
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Udvarthanam ( massage with herbal medicinal powder )

Udvarthanam is the most important Ayurveda treatment for weight loss. It is a unique deep tissue massage using herbal powders. By generating heat through massage, this treatment melts the excess fat accumulated in the body. Some skin diseases can be treated with udvarthanam. There are two types of udvarthanam

  • SNEHA: Massage with dry powder and medicated oil. is used for skin rejuvenation and it is beneficial in improving the skin texture.
  • Ruksha: It is done by dry powders, rubbing with powders increase heat and metabolism and result in weight reduction.

Massage powders are composed of minerals and medicinal herbs. Medicinal plants powders are used for massage. Udvarthana massage stimulates metabolic process. This massage is slightly abrasive to skin and remove all impurities and treat scars and marks of skin. It activates metabolism and help in treating obesity. Herbal powders used depend on the medical condition of the patient.

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