Nutritional Counselling

Nutrition is the science of interaction of nutrients and other substances in food for the maintenance of growth, reproduction and health . In humans an un healthy diet can cause deficiency related diseases . Over nutrition also cause metabolic disorders.

A balanced diet with proper nutrition is important to have a healthy life. Our body need Vitamins, Minerals, Macro and micro nutrients, carbohydrates ,fat and proteins in proper quantity in a balanced way.


You can make sure your food contains all the nutrients by choosing a rainbow of color foods. The pigments that give color to food also contain nutrients. Foods with pigment power are mostly fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are, fiber filled, low calorie, fat free, super foods.

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A healthy balanced diet must contain

  • PROTEIN: all the organs in our body are made of protein .without adequate protein body cannot build muscle or repair damage .we need protein for our immune system to work.
  • CARBOHYDRATE: It is the source of all energy in our body.
  • FAT : more efficient source of energy, and need lesser amount .
  • Fibre :It is usually from plant material help our digestive system to work is obtained from fruits and vegetables.
  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS. Essential in small quantity for the proper functioning of the body.

If you eat a balanced diet you will certainly get all the factors essential for the normal functioning of the body. But make your you are not taking vitamins and minerals more than the allowed quantity. Some health conditions demand more vitamins like, pregnancy, post-delivery and anemia need supplements.

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Obesity is a medical condition which needs special attention to diet.

People usually reduce the intake of food randomly to lose weight. It harms the body and is not advisable.

Our nutritionist carefully study individual situations and advise MEAL PLANS *without compromising vitamins. Weight loss dieting usually result in vitamin deficiency, and it is advised to do it with a nutritionist help.

FOR BETTER GENERAL HEALTH: Special meal plans are important in

  • Underweight children/ adults. Our nutritionist prepare special meal chart for people without adequate weight.
  • General ill health: Due to acute or chronic infections. Acute infections and chronic illnesses like Tuberculosis need special meal.
  • HAIR FALL: It is found 75% of hair fall cases are due to ill health and vitamin deficiency. Our nutritionist will council the clients and prepare Diet charts*with proper nutrients and vitamins to improve the general health.
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